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About the Competition

The Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition is a simulation-based, experiential legal competition designed to expose rising professionals to the practice of IHL and to real world challenges facing IHL practitioners during armed conflict.

During the Competition, participants will engage in a variety of practical role-playing exercises, during which they will be asked to assume various professional roles and accomplish a wide range of tasks reflective of those performed by practitioners in the field. Unlike traditional moot court competitions, participants will explore the application of the law through fictional, but realistic case studies of armed conflict which continue to evolve throughout the Competition, offering participants a dynamic and creative atmosphere in which to explore complex legal issues.

The Competition will test participants’ knowledge of international humanitarian law and public international law, as well as their ability to present, advocate for, and defend legal positions to a diverse range of stakeholders in different simulated environments.

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Who Can Apply?

The Clara Barton IHL Competition is open to students currently pursuing Juris Doctor (J.D.), Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), or Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees at law schools and military academies and institutions. While not required, prior study in public international law is highly recommended. Teams are composed of three individuals representing a single institution. Generally, only one team will be chosen to represent each institution, and participants will only be eligible to compete in one edition of the Clara Barton IHL Competition. The competition is done entirely in English, and all participants are expected to read, write, and speak English at a professionally proficient level.

More information about eligibility can competition rules can be found here

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